Meet AED Group
About Us

What began as one passionate hardware design engineer working out of his basement has become a family of engineers breaking new ground in numerous industries. Bryan Robertus founded the company in 1994 and claimed he would never hire employees. He wanted to spend his time working in a field he enjoyed, not dealing with the administrative burden that accompanies business ownership. Luckily, for all of his future employees and clients, he met a group of graduate students from MSU who were equally passionate about engineering. Jason D., Jason K., Jon K., Anthony (Chip) L., and Brett S. were hired and continue to lead AED to new heights. As new talents were discovered, new hires were made and the momentum grew. Small, yet mighty, we continue to grow as a result of pursuing our passions and providing high-quality products while maintaining a "serious fun, serious engineering" environment.

Our Commitment

At AED, we go beyond providing electronics product development services to our customers. In fact, we don't even like the word "customers." We nurture long-standing partnerships built on the goals of the businesses and individuals we work with. Our work doesn't end when we deliver your product. Our goal is your growth.

Our Approach

AED's highly qualified staff seeks to produce the best quality designs in the shortest timelines possible. Our approach to engineering can lead to multiple uses and configurations not initially imagined. Our flexible designs often turn single products into multi-market opportunities.

We engineer easy to assemble, quality products to expedite a trouble-free manufacturing phase. Working closely with your manufacturer, or in some cases, building your products ourselves, we'll help you eliminate the back and forth time spent seeing a project through to completion. We construct prototypes and offer low-volume manufacturing to lower the cost of the entire project. Looking above and beyond the commonplace comes standard with every development effort.

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